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A young woman who disappeared into the inky black night A retired schoolteacher stabbed to death in broad daylightTwo women butchered in a small-town beauty parlor The three baffling murder cases are linked only by a perplexing lack of motive, then LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis and psychologist Alex Delaware are called to the scene of a bizarre crime. A stolen car has been anonymously returned to its owner, undamaged and unblemished except for a tiny, solitary bloodstain. This miniscule clue is enough to set the pair on a hunt for a multiple killer, from the well-heeled centre of LA society to its desperate edges, even as far as New York where their search thaws out a long-cold case. The killer, however, proves to be a fleeting shape-shifter, defying identification and to unmask him, Alex and Milo will have to confront the true face of murderous compulsion

Title Compulsion
Author Jonathan Kellerman
ISBN-13 9780718148263
ISBN-10 0718148263
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Language English
Edition Export ed
Height 234 mm
Width 153 mm
Thickness 27 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 352