Mostly Harmless Hitchhiker's Guide, #5

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Mostly Harmless Hitchhiker's Guide, #5

This is the fifth volume in the ever-popular Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. Her father is Arthur Dent, her mother, unexpectedly to all concerned is Trillian, her godless godfather is Ford Perfect. Through a complicated series of misunderstandings at the naming ceremony she is named at random, or Random for short. When Random sets out across the galaxy to find out the truth about her vanished mother, her journey takes her to an utterly insignificant and little blue-green planet whose only entry in the guide reads, Mostly harmless....

Title Mostly Harmless Hitchhiker's Guide, #5
Author Douglas Adams
ISBN-13 9780434009268
ISBN-10 0434009268
Publisher William Heinemann Ltd.
Language English
Edition NA
Height 242 mm
Width 160 mm
Thickness 22 mm
Binding Hardcover
Pages 219