I'm Alice Beauty QueenAlice MacLeod, #1

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I'm Alice Beauty QueenAlice MacLeod, #1

From the author of the hilarious I'm Alice I think, comes the irresistibly funny sequel, with further adventures of Alice's adolescent angst. Sixteen-year old Alice suspects that this is the year she's going to bloom, graduating from the ranks of the marginal into the realm of the practically normal. That's immediately confirmed when, lured by the USD400 clothing allowance, she becomes the official Rod & Gun Club candidate in the town's Miss Smithers, BC, Beauty Pageant. Now that she's practically normal, Alice is anxious to try new things. But she can't decide whether to push her sort-of boyfriend, Goose, into having sex with her, or to take a vow of chastity with the WWJD What Would Jesus Do movement. Alice, fresh from her hit debut in I'm Alice, I Think - and complete with satirical wit and unique thrift-shop style - is back in this uniquely funny take on surviving the tough teen years.

Title I'm Alice Beauty QueenAlice MacLeod, #1
Author Susan Juby
ISBN-13 9780007163601
ISBN-10 0007163601
Publisher Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting
Language English
Edition Beauty Queen?
Height 198 mm
Width 129 mm
Thickness 17 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 300

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