His Bright Light

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His Bright Light

This is the story of an extraordinary boy with a brilliant mind, a heart of gold and a tortured soul. From the day he was born, Nick Traina was his mothers joy. By nineteen, he was dead. This is Danielle Steels powerful story of the son she lost and the lessons she learned during his courageous battle against darkness. Sharing tender, painful memories, Steel brings us a haunting duet between and singular young man and the mother who loved him - and a harrowing portrait of a masked killer called manic depression. Nick rocketed through life like a shooting star. He spoke in full sentences at the age of one. He was a brilliant, charming child who never slept. His gift for writing was extraordinary, his musical talent promised a golden future. But by the time he entered junior high, he was hurtling towards disaster. His mother tried desperately to get him the help he needed - the opening salvos for what would become a ferocious battle for his life. At once a loving legacy and an unsparing depiction of a devastating illness, Danielle Steels tribute to her lost son is a gift of life, hope, healing and understanding to us all. I want to share the story, and the pain, the courage, the love, and what I learned in living through it...My hope is that someone will be able to use what we learned, and save a life with it

Title His Bright Light
Author Danielle Steel
ISBN-13 9780552546546
ISBN-10 0552546546
Publisher Arrow A Division Of Random House Group
Language English
Edition NA
Height 176 mm
Width 110 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 416

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