The Hangmans Journal

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The Hangmans Journal

A meditation on nothing less than the human condition itself...a work of understated but awesome power Outlook For over thirty years, Janardhanan Pillai was the aratchar, the hangman, on call for the prison authorities in the kingdom of Travancore and, after Independence, the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. After the courts had passed a death sentence, it was left to him to put the condemned man to death, swiftly and clinically. Each time he returned from the gallows, he told himself that it would be the last time. But he went back, a hundred and seventeen times. Based on Pillais life, The Hangmans Journal takes us into the mind of a man struggling to come to terms with his dharma, his conscience, and his shame. A meditation on life and death and what it means to end a life, this haunting novel is one of the finest works of contemporary Indian fiction.

Title The Hangmans Journal
Author Shashi Warrier
ISBN-13 9789385755804
ISBN-10 9385755804
Publisher Energetically Speaking
Language English
Edition NA
Height 198 mm
Width 129 mm
Thickness 15 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 256

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