A Book of Princesses

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A Book of Princesses

Favourite Princess stories in paperback. Cinderella, Snow White, ing Beauty, The Frog Prince and The Princess and The Pea are the 5 favourite princess stories in this enchanting book which has already proved itself in hardback. The stories are universally known and loved, and Sally Gardners retellings are fresh, up to date and just right for reading aloud. The magic of the stories combines with the liveliness and charm of the design and illustrations to make this an irresistibly appealing package.

Title A Book of Princesses
Author Sally Gardner
ISBN-13 9781858816449
ISBN-10 1858816449
Publisher Orion Publishing Company
Language English
Edition NA
Height 228 mm
Width 188 mm
Thickness 7 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 96