Monsters of Men

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Monsters of Men

“War,” says the Mayor. “At last.”Three armies march on New Prentisstown, each one intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle, with no chance of escape. As the battles commence, how can they hope to stop the fighting How can there ever be peace when they’re so hopelessly outnumbered And if war makes monsters of men, what terrible choices await But then a third voice breaks into the battle, one bent on revenge The electrifying finale to the award-winning Chaos Walking trilogy, Monsters of Men is a heart-stopping novel about power, survival, and the devastating realities of war.

Title Monsters of Men
Author Patrick Ness
ISBN-13 9781406326123
ISBN-10 1406326123
Publisher Walker & Company
Language English
Edition Chaos Walking
Height 198 mm
Width 129 mm
Thickness 38 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 603

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