Bravest Ever Bear

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Bravest Ever Bear

What is this book about Its about a bear. The bravest ever bear. No, three bears. No, four and twenty black bears. Or maybe a penguin. No, no, its about a sausage. A sausage That cant be right. Ill start again. This book is about the perfectest ever princess, a wolf, a troll, a dragon and a sausage again. Oh, I give up. The problem is everyone thinks this is a story about them and is determined to tell it their way. So, if you really want to know who there was and what they did, youll just have to read these funny and ridiculous stories for yourself

Title Bravest Ever Bear
Author Allan Ahlberg
ISBN-13 9781406328073
ISBN-10 1406328073
Publisher Pan MacMillan
Language English
Edition NA
Height 245 mm
Width 270 mm
Thickness 4 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 32