Get to know Lock The Box

Lock the box is the event where we have come up with a box of happiness for all the bookworms out here. The idea is to give all the readers a golden opportunity where you can get all of your favourite reads together at lesser price. There are total 3 boxes of different prices according to their size of which you can choose any as per the number of books you want. You can collect whichever book you want from our huge collection and put it in the box unless it gets filled. Once the box gets filled and there is no space left for more you can lock the box.

1 Million Books

1 Lakh Titles

500K Satisfied Faces

It has been a beautiful journey and a pleasant experience throughout. Our entire team has been doing a great job. Your positive response and beautiful reviews encourage us to work harder and do better than ever every single time.

  • Lock The Box - Delhi

    we introduced you "Lock The Box" for the very first time in Delhi. It was a 2 days event on 11th and 12th November at Kings Park Street, Dttdc. We had a large inventory of 50,000 books. We were so overwhelmed by seeing the beautiful and excited crowd out there.


  • Lock The Box - Pune

    Your happy faces encouraged us to Perk up. So again in 2018 we came to Pune with our "Lock The Box". It was a 3 days events there from 30th March to 1st April at Harshal Hall, Kothrud with an inventory of 50000 books which lead to a very good crowd and happy energies.


  • Lock The Box - Bangalore

    Next, we came to Bangalore with our "Lock The Box" where we conducted a 3 days event from 6th April to 8th April at Sri Gururaja Kalayan Mandapam. Out complete collection got sold out there and we reloaded our inventory by 1 lakh books. Over 10,000 cheerful and satisfied faces visited in those 3 days.


  • Lock The Box - Bangalore

    Once again we came up with our "Lock The Box" to Bangalore at Elaan Convention Center with a large collection of over 1 million books. Over 50,000 readers visited in between those 10 days of event conducted from 12th July to 21st July.


  • Lock The Box -Chennai

    On huge demand in 2019, we came to Chennai with a 10 days event from 13th December to 22nd December at Vijaya Mahal, T Nagar. Over 1 million books were sold.


  • Events cancelled due to COVID-19

    We were looking forward for more successful events but due the pandemic situation we had to cancel our upcoming events which were to be held in March & April 2020 in Chandigarh and Pune respectively.


  • Lock The Box Online - Chandigarh

    But our journey hasn't end yet. This time we are introducing you "Lock The Box Online". As the very name suggests, the event is entirely going to be held on online basis. We care about your time and consideration and we hope the best for our readers. We have been putting our so much efforts to make it more enjoyable and as grand as never seen before and we promise you this is going to be a great experience and worth your time and money.