Once Upon A Monsoon Time

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Once Upon A Monsoon Time

Once Upon a Monsoon Time is the authors recollections of his childhood spent in an old palace by the Arabian Sea and in his grandmothers house in Dehra Dun. The story revolves round his relationship with his father who is as central to the story as the young boy himself. It also records his love of trees and the vibrant life nurtured by them, his explorations of the fascinating stories woven around the palace as well as his grandmothers most cherished possessions preserved carefully in an old trunk, his interesting array of friends and his varied experiences with them as he grows up and begins to understand the world even as his familiar surroundings start to fall apart.

Title Once Upon A Monsoon Time
Author Ruskin Bond
ISBN-13 9788125030164
ISBN-10 8125030164
Publisher Orient Blackswan Pvt Ltd
Language English
Edition 1
Height 215 mm
Width 136 mm
Thickness 145 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 120