Four Blind Mice

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Four Blind Mice

Now the Mastermind is in prison, Alex Cross is ready to leave the Washington Police Force. And, finally, Alex has met a woman, Jamilla Hughes. With Nana and the kids, he is talking about the future. Until John Sampson arrives and begs him to take on one last case - his best friend has been accused of an horrific triple murder. Three women were knifed at an Army base. His fingerprints and DNA have been found - but Sampson's friend swears he has been framed, and that Alex is his only hope...

Uncovering evidence of a series of suspicious murder convictions, Alex and Sampson are determined to infiltrate the closed world of the military. But what is the army trying to hide And do the mysterious symbols daubed on the homes of the accused mean that there are more sinister forces at work With his trademark razor-sharp plotting and adrenaline-filled action, James Patterson takes us on a sensational rollercoaster tale of suspense, politics, and intrigue that proves once again that he is, quite simply, in a class of his own.

Title Four Blind Mice
Author James Patterson
ISBN-13 9780747263494
ISBN-10 0747263494
Publisher Headline Book Publishing
Language English
Edition Four Blind Mice
Height 205 mm
Width 137 mm
Thickness 24 mm
Binding Hardcover
Pages 309