Motive: No. 1 Internationally Bestselling Author

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Motive: No. 1 Internationally Bestselling Author

A much-loved woman's dead body is found in her apartment, victim of horrendous overkill even as her dining room table is perfectly set for a romantic dinner. Turns out her devoted boyfriend has an alibi and, with few clues leading to a suspect, LAPD's Lieutenant Milo Sturgis calls in psychologist Alex Delaware for help. Then another woman's shot execution style three bullets in the back of her head leave her husband with a profitable business. He's got an alibi too. As the body count builds, Alex and Milo make the horrible realization that they're dealing with a diabolically manipulative killer intent on playing the most twisted and bloodiest kind of game with the cops and with Milo, specifically.

Title Motive: No. 1 Internationally Bestselling Author
Author Jonathan Kellerman
ISBN-13 9780812999099
ISBN-10 0812999099
Publisher Ballantine Books
Language English
Edition NA
Height 176 mm
Width 110 mm
Thickness 26 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 400