3001: The Final Odyssey Space Odyssey, #4

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3001: The Final Odyssey Space Odyssey, #4

Essef - The fourth book in the most famous series of Arthur C. Clarke, an author who deserves high respect. Worldwide sale of his books: 100 million copies. Now approaching the millennium, the light of Lucifer is extinguished and for the second time in four million years, the Monolith awakes. The limitless power of an alien technology has decided what part humanity must play in the evolution of the galaxy.

From the inside jacket
In the year the computer Hal was created, Arthur C. Clarke brings the Odyssey to the conclusion millions have been awaiting.

Arthur C. Clarke, the greatest prophet of the space age, at last concludes the space odyssey he embarked upon in 1968 with both the book and film of 2001. He shared an Oscar nomination with Stanley Kubrick for the screenplay of the film, and later resolved some of its lingering enigmas in the sequels 20102061 - verifying Kubrick's comment, 'Arthur somehow manages to capture the hopeless yet admirable desire to know things that can really never be known.'

Arthur C. Clarke's continuing and constant search for answers has brought us now the final episode in the greatest story ever written of humanity's destiny in space. With 3001: The Final Odyssey, we experience once more the uncanny influence of the Monoliths and the limitless power of an alien technology.

Frank Poole was last seen alive in the vicinity of the United States Spaceship Discovery en route to Jupiter's moons. The year was A.D. 2001 and the Series 9000 HAL computer on board Discovery had malfunctioned. Frank was Hal's first victim. Grappling frantically with the broken air hose of his spacesuit, Frank died in the blackness and vacuum of space.

In A.D. 3001 his perfectly preserved body is retrieved by Captain Dimitri Chandler of the spacetug Goliath medical and elctro-optical technologies restore his life and then enhance it with a Braincap. Thus Frank becomes a telepathic, machine-assisted inhabitant of the first years of the fourth millennium, with a lot to learn.

The alien Monoliths have been silent since the eruption of Jupiter into a sun in A.D. 2010. Their last message was a warning: ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS EXCEPT EUROPA. ATTEMPT NO LANDINGS THERE. But Frank Poole is an exception to the aliens' interdict. Or so he hopes. Frank has unfinished business on Europa. And perhaps Dave Bowman, his long-lost colleague from the Discover, is there, a thousand years older but not dead. And alien.

Forever exploring the vastness of space and the mystery of life, Arthur Clarke has himself become the Odysseus of the space age. His imagination is the most celebrated in the world, yet he has written, 'The universe is such a strange and wonderful place that reality will always out-reach the wildest imagination.'

Title 3001: The Final Odyssey Space Odyssey, #4
Author Arthur C. Clarke
ISBN-13 9780246126894
ISBN-10 0246126894
Publisher Harper Voyager
Language English
Edition 3001: The Final Odyssey
Height 242 mm
Width 160 mm
Thickness 29 mm
Binding Hardcover
Pages 272

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