ICE with Very Unusual Spirits

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ICE with Very Unusual Spirits

'He is a nonconformist, someone for whom spirituality is as freewheeling as breathing and who sees God as benevolent and non-threatening' Life PositiveDistraught and angry after the death of his young children, Irashaw Cawas Engineer Ice, a world-renowned painter of Divinity, turns his back on his Master and spirituality. Around the same time, he develops a strong bond with a little girl next door, who might not survive her heart condition. Ice is willing to give up his life to save hers even if it means seeking the same God he turned away from. Baba Sai agrees to help him provided Ice allows Sage Tiruvalluvar to speak through him to help souls understand the essence of life. Derived from the sages, this powerful spiritual read is about the wisdom of life and living, and understanding, accepting and seeking a higher purpose.

Title ICE with Very Unusual Spirits
Author Ruzbeh N Bharucha
ISBN-13 9780143426677
ISBN-10 0143426677
Publisher Thomas Dunne Book
Language English
Edition ICE with Very Unusual Spirits
Height 198 mm
Width 129 mm
Thickness 17 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 288

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