Paper Towns

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Paper Towns

The mystery novel, Paper Towns, is the third young-adult fiction thriller written by John R Green. The mystery in the book starts with a murder, which is discovered by two friends and next door neighbors, Quentin and Margo.The story gradually shifts to both the friends starting to take revenge on those who have either hurt them or caused trouble in their life. While doing this, Margo describes the world as paper towns, which are weak and fragile, and not strong enough to hold things.After that night, Margo goes missing and her friend Quentin is searching for her, hoping to find her through the clues left by her. Paper Towns is available in paperback, and was published by Bloomsbury Publishing India Private Limited in 2010. Key Features: This book has received the Edgar Award for best young adult novel in the 2009, and the Corine Literature Prize in 2010.

Title Paper Towns
Author John Green
ISBN-13 9781408806593
ISBN-10 1408806593
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Language English
Edition Paper Towns
Height 198 mm
Width 129 mm
Thickness 19 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 305