The Return

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The Return

The captivating new novel from the author of the smash hit THE ISLAND Sonia is inGranada to celebrate a friends birthday with a dance class. She knows nothing of the citys shocking past, but ordering a simple cup of coffee in a quiet cafe will lead her into the extraordinary tale of a familys fight to survive the horror ofSpains civil war.Seventy years earlier, andGranada, under a new liberal government, is a place of freedom and optimism. In the Ramirez familys cafe, Concha and Pablos children relish the atmosphere of hope. Antonio is a serious young teacher, Ignacio a flamboyant matador, and Emilio a skilled musician. Their sister, Mercedes, is a spirited girl whose sole passion is dancing. Her talent for flamenco develops and when she meets Javier Montero, a renowned young guitarist, an obsessional love affair begins. ButSpain is a country in turmoil, and in 1936 a revolution begins that will tear their family apart. For Antonio, the pull of the battle is irresistible. For Mercedes, caught on the wrong side of the line, separation from Javier is unbearable. And everyone must take a side, and choose whether to submit, to fight or to attempt escape...

Title The Return
Author Victoria Hislop
ISBN-13 9780755332946
ISBN-10 0755332946
Publisher Headline Book Publishing
Language English
Edition NA
Height 234 mm
Width 153 mm
Thickness 33 mm
Binding Paperback
Pages 0